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Forte Ninjas is a program for kids (and adults!) at least 4 years of age. In our classes, they will learn about obstacle course racing, receive instruction on proper technique, participate in cardiovascular and strength-building activities, and have plenty of time to enjoy our ever-growing array of obstacles. Ninja classes are not only FUN, they aid in building self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. Our structured classes help children improve their self-control and experience the importance of discipline.


Forte Ninja Team is a group training program for kids ages 6-17 who are interested in pursuing a fast-paced sport that is centered upon obstacle course racing. Practices are longer and more intense than recreational classes. More focus is placed on strength and conditioning.

Call the Ninja Gym with any questions you have about the TEAM! 774-552-3418

Ages 4 & 5

Participants must have an adult accompany them throughout these classes. Everyone will enjoy this exciting introductory Ninja adventure!

Ages 6-9

The kids will amaze you (and themselves!) as they discover the awesome things they are capable of in this action-packed class.

Ages 10-14

The self-discipline, focus, physical and mental strength that are practiced during Ninja classes have a positive impact on both cognitive and social development!

15 +

Whether you’re looking for a new way to stay in shape, have American Ninja Warrior aspirations or just want to have some fun, you will love these classes.

Our birthday parties are the best!

Want to know all the details and options? Email us at or call us at 774-552-3418