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Forte Boxing is an intense, demanding and fast-paced boxing workout. We program proper boxing technique, drills, and mitt-work. Additionally, we incorporate strength and conditioning exercises utilized by fighters to become faster, stronger and more lethal individuals. Come get in great shape while you learn new skills and have some fun with Team No Slack at Forte Fitness Center.


This is a challenging group workout in which members support one another as they overcome fitness obstacles and surpass personal goals.


Get it done in 30 minutes. HIIT30 is a high intensity workout that includes heavy-lifting and cardiovascular conditioning. With only 30 minutes to get it done, our coaches will push you hard, make you sweat, and ensure you have a great time!

Fusion Classes

Fusion classes are meant to give our clients more flexibility in planning their workouts while also adding to the creativity of our program. Our X membership classes at 5am and 6am are fusion classes! 5am will be mostly bootcamp-style training, however, those who show up ready to box will get a few rounds in. 6am’s focus is on boxing, but if boxing isn’t your thing, gloveless alternatives will be planned also. Saturday classes are coach’s choice so they could be fusion as well. Haven’t tried one or the other? Come to a fusion class and see what you think.