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Forte Ninjas is a program for kids (and adults!) as young as 4 years of age. In our classes, they will learn about obstacle course racing, receive instruction on proper technique, participate in cardiovascular and strength-building activities, and have plenty of time to enjoy our ever-growing array of obstacles.

weekend warriors

A program designed for kids and parents alike! A weekend morning full of fun for the youngsters... ...And a relaxing (possibly quiet?) morning alone for mom & dad. Well, either that or 2 hours to do as much laundry and as many errands as possible. Your choice!


Leave it all up to us! Forte ninja parties are private events, led by certified coaches, that include obstacle instruction as well as free time in the gym. All our packages come with pizza and wings from Two Brothers in Sandwich and either a custom cake or cupcakes from Yummy Cakes of Cape Cod.